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Planigent business plan reviews
Business action plansA Planigent professional will carefully review the business plan you have already written and provide a concise summary of suggestions to upgrade the plan. This will include a critique of the plan's format and organization, suggestions for additional plan elements, and an assessment of the proposed business model.
Pricing - $1,000 - $2,000

Planigent business plan overhaul
The Planigent Business Plan Overhaul begins with a Business Plan Review. After our review, we will perform all of the work necessary to upgrade the quality of your plan: we will polish the writing, reorganize and reformat the content, tighten the business model, and develop or rework the financials.
Pricing - $2,000 - $5,000

Planigent custom business plans
A Planigent professional will direct a rigorous and thorough process of documenting your company's mission, structure, strategies, tactics, and milestones. We will examine your proposed business model and provide an informed assessment of its potential to attain market share, profitability, and investment capital. The final product will be a clear statement of the proposed development of your business and the results it will achieve.
Planigent Internet business consultingPricing - $5,000 +

Planigent Internet business consulting
Tap into Planigent's experience with Internet start-ups, both large and small, to help with the development of your business model. Because we are an Internet-based company ourselves, and because the majority of our clients have Web-based business models, our knowledge base becomes broader and deeper daily just as the Internet user and business base expands.
Pricing - based on project scope

Mission statement example To order any of our services or to learn more about them, please contact us now.

Angel Investor to a Planigent client
Business plan download"I always try to poke holes in the business plans I read. To be honest, I can't find any in yours."

Planigent Tip: Competitive Analysis
Example of business planMany entrepreneurs approach the Competitive Analysis section of their business plan with trepidation, as if having competitors will invalidate their idea. Don't fall into this trap.
Instead, use this section to show how well you have researched the industry. By demonstrating a thorough assessment of your competition, you are in a perfect position to describe your value proposition and what makes your offering unique. Make the most of it!
Management and Funding
Did you know that one of the most often cited reasons that Venture Capitalists give for their decisions on whether to fund a business or not is management? In fact, many will tell you that they would sooner back a good idea with a great management, than a great idea with only so-so management.
If you intend to give your pitch to a VC firm for later stage financing, make sure you have the right team in place to take the business forward. The fact that the business was your idea will not convince professional financiers that you are the right person to grow the business. The most important quality a management team can have in the eyes of investors is experience, preferably successful experience, in starting and growing a company.
Executive summary example
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